• Product Name:AIDOL 2 AIPHA EDITION
  • Product Code:Ai-2A
  • Release Date:2018-10
  • Product Status:Sold out

1.Real-like headsculpt
2.AIDOL body
3.1 pair of gun holding hands
4.1 pair of stick holding hands
5.The expansion fighting stick
6.Tactical dagger /w sheath
7. Mp5 Submachine gun /w magazine*2
8.Modified M1911 pistol
/w magazine/muzzle brake
9.Modified G17 pistol
/w magazine/muzzle brake/magazine well
10.Grenade belt /w dual mag pouch
11.Belt /w utility pouch *5
12.40mm Grenade *6
13.Shotgun shell* 4
14.Katana /w scabbard
15.Modified whole body armor
16.Blue costume shirt
17.Blue costume pants
18.Costume belt
19.Costume combat boots